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What to do in Križnica

Learning through interactive workshops for children


The educational role of the school in nature is very important for students of primary school because students gain knowledge in a special way, noticing all the natural changes and acknowledging their relationships. School in nature i also ideal for gaining hygenic and work habits, nice behavior and the right behavior in traffic. These are all useful habits and roles which are important for students in their psychophysical development in their critical years.

The Visitor centre offers five one-day programmes of school in nature which concentrate on protected species of birds, amphibians and reptiles, water habitats, fish, mammals and insects adapted different ages of children, from pre-school to high school. You can buy tickets by clicking on the link below.

Feel the breeze in your hair


Asphalt, gravel, dirt road, plains, uphills, downhills, cycling across the suspension bridge, all this and more you can be experienced on the marked cycling routes near the Drava river.

There are 20 bicycles with helmets at your disposal of which 10 are electrical.

Detailed cycling maps can be found on the web pages of the Tourist board of the municipality of Pitomača.

Restart your circulation and brain functions


Križnica and it’s neighbourhood are not only full of beautiful walking and hiking trails but you can also find a lovely informative educational trail within the Visitor centre.

Take a ride in the electrical train


The tourist train resembles an old steam locomotive that pulls two trailers with a total of 32 seats.

Relax over home-made food and local wine


Well-known for their originality and authenticity in preparing and serving their delicacies, the Križnica restaurants will satisfy even the most demanding taste buds with their supreme fish and meat specialities.

Locally grown fruit and vegetable or freshly picked nettle from the edge of the forest are common ingredients on their menus. The Drava river, one of the cleanest European rivers, is the home of many species of fresh water fish that our chefs carefully prepare.

Alongside carefully prepared meals, for true hedonist, there are quality wines produced on the gentle slopes of Bilogora, located only a few kilometres away from Križnica, where vineyards produce quality wines in small lots. Graševina, white pinot, grey pinot, Chardonnay, sauvignon, traminac, green silvanac, Rhine Riesling are white wines and combined with red such as frankovka, red pinot, zweigelt, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon.

Feel the tranquillity while birdwatching


Watching a bird in flight and admiring it’s ability to fly is a priceless event that inspires one of man’s greatest ideals – freedom.

One of the characteristics of this area is the amount and diversity of birds species such as the kingfisher, wild ducks, black storks, red-billed tern and many others, whose art of flight, in tranquillity and pleasure is possible to experience from Križnica’s observatories which are situated next to Drava river bank or are hidden in the tree tops of Križnica’s forests.

Take up the sport created for relieving stress


The Drava river is a place where you can try out primordial activities from times when man had to survive by his own hands and wit.

Find your own perfect fishing spot by the beautiful banks of the Drava in Križnica.

Experience the Drava and Križnica through freedom and adventure


Watching the mighty Drava is a special feeling, but watching her banks while navigating a boat or canue is a true adventure, as if you were in a Mark Twain’s novel.

While floating on the Drava for 3 hours from Brodić to Križnica, you will travel between two countries – Croatia and Hungary, you might see herds of deer drinking by the riverside or protected bird species like the sand martin burrowing nesting holes in the steep river banks. The sandbars near Jelkuš are a great place to stop and sunbathe on a wild beach.

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