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Križnica is connected with the rest of the Croatian land by river ferry which transports cars, locals, visitors and students who go to school in Pitomača. You can always hear the news of the village from the ferryman, whats the water level, is the weather good for fishing, where you can spend the night and many more things like is the season good for growing beans and peppers or is it better for hemp.

The ferry doesn’t operate at night, when the water level is too low or too high or if the water is frozen. The water level of the Drava is not only dependant of the ice melting in the Alps but also the water amount in the Dubrava hydro power plant. When the ferry is not operating, everything that is possible to carry is transported over the bridge: people, personal luggage, agricultural produce, even sick children. People put them in a wheelbarrow and push them across the bridge to the other side where an ambulance car from Pitomača waits to pick them up.

The “Križnica” ferry sailing schedule

Departure from the Križnica side:

7 am,  8 am,  9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm, 13 pm 14 pm, 15 pm, 16 pm, 17 pm, 18 pm and 19 pm during the summer period, while during winter the last ferry departs at 4 pm.

Departure from Pitomača side is right after the vehicles unload.

Ferry fee in one direction is:

For all category vehicle up to 3.5 t: 10 kn

Source: Branko Begović
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