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Why visit the Križnica

Are you thinking about visiting Križnica and Podravina, but you don’t know if it’s a good idea?

Križnica hides many interests. There are birds with long and short legs, aspens and willows, the old and new Drava basin, the ferry, the suspension bridge, local cuisine, organised programmes in nature, a modern multimedia centre and much more.

Križnica can really be an ideal place for your trip into nature.

We have put together some reason why it is a good idea to visit Križnica and Podravina. After you visit us, perhaps you will learn some others.

Križnica’s meander

Križnica is a sort of river island and one of the most noticeable meanders of the Drava with its 5 petal flower shape that has become a symbol of its flow through this region. Here the Drava playfully creates meanders with large swirls in a tight space which are not seen from Austria to the Danube. By changing its flow, the Drava has “trapped” Križnica between itself and Hungary.

Strange flora and fauna

Križnica and the Drava are a true ecological heaven of northeastern Croatia. Many interesting and strange plant and animal species habitat in the area. Learn about their way of life and how to protect them.

Tip-top family excursion

Who doesn’t like a family excursion without a crowd, where there is plenty of space to play and walk, where you can have a delicious lunch and learn a lot?!

A green oasis bordering with Hungary

Križnica is situated right next to the border with Hungary. When you come to Križnica this interesting and friendly neighbourly cultural connection of goulash, Tokai wine and schnapps is right at your grasp.

Waking up to birds

In Križnica you awaken with the sound of birds. In the morning you can hear the cuckoo bird and the clucking of hens. You can see a family of swans where the father and mother swan stand upon a stump in Croatia and the cygnets swim about in Hungary.

A place that inspires and awakens creativity

This is a place where peace and quiet prevail, a balance between nature, culture and people which reflects on inspiration and creation.

Branching network of creative hiking trails

Hiking in nature can be very amusing and educational, but also demanding because you can use all the marked and unmarked maintained trails.

Attractions that are open every day

You can visit Križnica any time, not only at weekends. We have adapted the Križnica visitor centre to fit the visitors needs so feel free to contact us and book a time to visit that fits your schedule and our possibilities.


Drava’s treasure

In the past, gold had been found in the Drava, but today the real treasure of nature can be found in Križnica.

Green colour that soothes and relaxes

Križnica abounds in greenery which positively affects our mood. If you want to retreat from your everyday life to a place which gives you a haven for natural relaxation – Križnica is the place for you.

Interactive children’s education in nature

Education in nature are held in our Visitor centre Križnica. The aim of the school is to encourage children’s interest in exploring nature and encouraging the protection of the pant and animal world. The price of schoole in nature and the tickets are very affordable.


We don’t think that the reason for coming to Križnica are mosquitoes, but if you come across them it’s good to know that they have an important role in the ecosystem. Sand martins, the smallest specie of European swallow, nest in holes in steep banks of the Drava can eat up to 10.000 mosquitoes a day.

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